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Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Drought tolerant landscaping is an important feature to consider in Southern California, where it is dry all year round and where we are in the midst of a years-long drought.

Switching from grass to a more drought friendly yard can save money in terms of water usage. Planting the right plants with low water requirements drastically reduces your water bill and reduces the maintenance required to keep it looking pristine.

A drought resistant landscape can bring with it a completely new look that stands out from others due to the variety of colors, shapes, and forms drought-tolerant plants have. The impressive array of shrubs, cacti, trees, and flowers will leave visitors with a lasting impression.

If you are really a fan of grass then have no fear! There are low water grass options out there that can fulfill your desire to have a traditional lawn as well. When planning a drought resistant landscape it is possible to find something for everyone!

We offer our landscaping services in Malibu as well as Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and beyond - read more here.

Our drought-resistant landscaping design and consulting services are available by appointment only. Call today at (818) 865-8887 to schedule a landscaping consultation!

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