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Our Process
Malibu Coast Nursery and Landscape

Malibu Coast Nursery is your complete landscape service. We are a registered Nurseryman operation supplying our clients consulting, landscaping and plant supplies in Malibu California. We customiz your landscape plan to maximize healthy flora against the revages of draught, pests and weather.
Malibu Coast Nursery will analyze your climate, soil condition, grass type and lawn usage. From there, we design a
customized year-round plan to give your landscape exactly the help and protection it
needs at key stages in every season

Customized Service Plan

From pests and disease to changing weather conditions, your trees and shrubs face a variety of challenges throughout the year. The Malibu Coast Nursery and Landscape Plan is customized to your landscape to provide exactly the care needed at key stages.

Our onsite evaluation is the first step. Please call today for an appointment we look forward to helping your landscape acheive and maintain its best!
Project Design
The next step in every Malibu Nursery and Landscape project is to explore and decide on the general theme and specific landscape and hardscape elements. Once we have agreed upon a project, we will get measurements, define issues both obvious and potential, begin work on designs and plans, and set a schedule and a payment plan.  We will need to locate your service and water lines, and it can be helpful to see plot or survey drawings if
they are available.
Environmental Analysis
Every Malibu Nursery and Landscape project begins with an analysis of the microclimate of your specific home or business. A soil test is used to determine nutrient and contaminant content, composition and other characteristics of the soil, such as acidity or pH level. A soil test will help determine the best fit for plants durability and vitality. Rock content, nutrient deficiencies, potential toxicities are all factors to consider.
Whether it's a new construction, a rennovation, plantings, new lawn, flowers, trees, plants or irrigation,
Malibu Nursery and Landscape offers a proven track record of quality landscape installation.  Our staff is on site to ensure your landscape is completed properly.
Landscape Care and Maintenance
As a certified Nurseryman, with experienced landscape maintenance service keep your plants looking fresh and healthy.  Our experience as a Nurseryman is unique in Malibu and represents an elite certification guaranteed your complete satisfaction.

Yard Maintenance Services - Malibu Coast Nursery and Landscape

Home Yard Maintenance

Malibu Coast Nursery & Landscape is your premier, professional property care service company.   We customize our maintenance plan to your specific needs and your unique plants, lawns and trees.  We have an all inclusive weekly service fee including tree care, lawn services and plant care. 
All of your trees will be pruned by our nursery arborist.  Lawn services include treating for infectious grasses, soil aeration, fertilization on a planned schedule, dethatching, and patching with new sod, if necessary.   Plant care includes natural shaping, removing expired  blooms, and individual plant fertilization as needed for proper PH.

Don't trust your yard maintenance to just anyone. Malibu Coast Nursery & Landscape is a fully insured professional company. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise, don't jeopardize your landscape with inexperienced lawn care businesses.

Call today for a free estimate!
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